If you plan on staying your home as long as possible, then the probability is, you are remodeling to please yourself – which is a good thing! Many websites recommend considering how possible buyers would react to modifications you may make to your home.

While you probably want to update your home in a way that visitors would admire, the real person you should be pleasing is yourself, if you intend to remain in your home for any length of time.

Any update to surfaces, fixtures and appliances will be added value to your home anyway, and the eventual purchaser way down the road will no doubt have their own preferences no matter what you do.

Anytime you update a portion of you home, it is wise to think about how accessible all parts of the home would be if you or a family member had an injury or unexpected health issue. Grab bars in the bathroom are always a good idea, as well as well placed lighting on stairs, and kitchens and the bathroom are excellent spaces to upgrade.shower, grab bar, bench, niche

How easy are the doors to operate? Some older homes have very heavy sliding glass doors and would be difficult to open for anyone with shoulder issues. Having a master bath and bedroom on the main floor are preferable to having to constantly run up and down stairs access those spaces.

Have the laundry room located on the main floor as well; carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs are a hazard for any but the young, not to mention, it just takes more time, and who wants to spend more time doing laundry?

We love to upgrade homes to meet the owners needs; let us know when you are ready for those changes!