There are fireplaces, and then there are awesome fireplaces! If yours is just not “doing it” for you, and you just don’t enjoy sitting in front of it and gazing at the warm flames like you used to, it’s probably time to have some updating done to that fireplace.

Fireplaces basically come in two types; wood-burning and gas.

Wood burning fireplaces can become dingy over the years from the occasional soot “accident” when someone forgot to open the damper or piled up too much wood before the chimney was drawing properly.  In time, the fireplace surround and mantel may need special cleaning or even replacing.

Gas fireplaces, while much neater and never suffering from smoke issues, still may need updating in time. New tile and a new mantel will do wonders for an old gas fireplace.

We have updated some Bellingham area homes with fireplaces, replacing mantels, tile, and building cabinets or shelves on both side of the fireplace. The construction of a fireplace often leaves awkward spaces on both sides, too small for a couch and set back from the face of the fireplace, so they may feel cramped.

Here are some ideas from our creative clients who requested our company to update their fireplaces and the spaces to each side.

Re-faced stone fireplace surround with wood mantel