I am always looking for ways to make a small (or even tiny) bathroom look good, and work! A small bath, no matter how small, still needs a place to put a few towels, a toothbrush, hair brushes, maybe a few band aids? Some are unbelievably small, but there really are solutions to all the above, plus they can look good, and still leave you room to turn around in!

This Old House has some excellent ideas, plus plans you can take to your contractor. Older homes can have problems that are hidden behind the walls and flooring – places where maybe there was some leakage that caused water damage in the past and was just covered up. Now when you go to replace that shower or flooring you discover it. What to do?

Shallow cabinets make adequate floor space

Call a reliable contractor; they know what needs to be done to repair any damage discovered during the demolition phase and will install the fixtures, walls and flooring, all to code, and make it look great!

This Old House describes the small bath remodel in the photo: “These homeowners opened up their space by getting rid of two small closets and adding task and ambient lighting to help create the illusion of a larger room. Little width remained after incorporating the tub and toilet, so a shallow cabinet was incorporated. Our favorite detail? The playful “dry riverbed” of stones in the floor.”

This is my favorite small bath, and the shallow cabinets are a creative solution to the need for storage space. Who says cabinets need to be a standard depth? These are beautiful and will store a great many items and look wonderful doing it!

And check out the flooring – I love the curved path that looks like small river rocks.  This is a fun bathroom.