Most Whatcom County residents get the itch to go outside when some sunshine pops through the winter grey skies! Is your backyard and deck ready for those barbecue gatherings?

Our wet weather, coupled with all those pesky fir and cedar trees, which persist in dropping stuff on the deck, means you probably need some maintenance, and then maybe some serious upgrading to the deck.

Railings can add an element of style to that deck, as well as being a safety feature. If it is time to replace your railing, did you realize there are quite a few options besides the usual 4 by 4 posts with vertical wood slats?

  1. Stainless steel cable railing system
  2. Glass panel railings
  3. Aluminum railings

Things to consider when making a decision on railing style:

  1. Do you have small children that need safety, even a gate at the top of the stairs?
  2. Are you looking for privacy or do you want to take advantage of the view?
  3. Do you entertain a lot?

So consider the options and needs for your deck; we are here for you when you are ready to have the work done.