Many of us have suffered through recuperating from a broken leg or seriously sprained leg or ankle. How was that for getting a shower? Not very easy or even safe, I bet.

There are lots of inexpensive changes that can be made to bathrooms to make them safe for anyone, at any time in their lives. Here are some things to consider having installed during your next upgrade:

  • Install grab bars. These come in many colors, and options, such as a toilet paper holder with a small grab bar as part of the design.
  • Built-in shower chair or bench.
  • Non-skid mats in the bathroom. When you have the bathroom redone, have non-slip tile installed.
  • Have what are called comfort height toilets installed. These have a little bit higher seat, making them easier to get up and down on.
  • Have paddle style faucet handles, or single lever faucet on lav sink.
  • Good quality lighting, so even a vision-impaired family member can see properly in the bathroom.

The owner of Rose Construction Inc. is a certified Aging in Place Specialist, which does not mean you have to be over 65 to have some safety features incorporated in your master bath. In fact, many who call for this service are not older, but perhaps recovering from a car accident, or surgery.

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