What future? Your future! Most of us remodel our homes, sooner or later. Often, this is done because surfaces are showing wear, and things just don’t work like they used to. Faucets may drip, cabinets may stick or not slide well on their tracks anymore.

Did you know there is another reason you should remodel your home? Most homes were never built to accommodate mobility impaired or the elderly. But we all age, and since the baby boomer generation is taking over, manufacturers and home remodelers are working hard to determine what works best for everyone in a home.

Be sure your contractor has the experience and certifications for home remodeling that is called Universal Design. There are lots of elements in a kitchen or bath  that are now designed for ease of use. No one would ever know that, until they need that little bit of extra help!

Single lever, or paddle lever handles on faucets, non-slippery tile for the bathroom, comfort height toilets, grab bars in the tub and shower, adjustable height hand held shower hose, low threshold or no threshold showers, and dual height countertops in the kitchen.

Shh . . . don’t tell your visitors how practical and user-friendly these elements are, all they will know is how beautiful they are. They won’t know until they need that little extra help!