While is is easy to think that a physical disability is something that only happens to someone else, the truth is that disability can occur to anyone at any age. Many times people find that their home requires disability modifications in order for them to return there after a hospital stay or to live there long term.

If you don’t need accessibility modifications currently, here are some things to consider; whether you ever need them or not, it will add to the home’s value, as there are plenty of people who appreciate these safety add-ons:

  1. For a person in a wheel chair, the front door needs a ramp, and a wider door makes the wheel chair easier to navigate through.
  2. A first floor bathroom and bedroom are a must. Wheelchair or not, any mobility issues are exacerbated by having to climb stairs.
  3. Retrofit that bathroom; grab bars near the toilet area to make it easier to raise and lower to the toilet. Then replace a tub with a roll-in-shower.
  4. Be sure there is appropriate lighting for every area in the bathroom – a moisture proof light over the shower is a must.Shower with designer grab bars

There are cabinets and countertop areas that a mobility impaired person may not be able to reach. A trained contractor can advise you on what options are wise to include in any remodel project. If no one is currently in need of these changes, one can include some of the less budget-impacting items.

Rose Construction, Inc, is trained in advising and installing modifications for mobility issues.