You can have a simple deck built for your home – and there is nothing at all wrong with that! But what if you long for something more elaborate? Whatcom county deck rebuild

Decks can be clean, rectangular affairs and some homeowners prefer that. Less to maintain!

Others may want a multi-level deck with areas set off by attractive angled decking and built-in features such as benches, planters, outdoor kitchens and even a fireplace!

Some homes have spectacular views, and for them, decks with railings that enhance the views are desirable. For homes built on hillsides, a wrap-around deck is a great addition to the home.outdoor living, built in bench, deck

Here in the Bellingham area, many homeowners like to cover all or part of their deck with a roof, sometimes with skylights, to expand the time of year when the deck can be used.

What type of deck would make your summers more fun?