I know when I am thinking about how to remodel my master bath, I search out all the design bathroom sites I can find. It’s not that I don’t know what I want, but there are many choices to make and I want the best costs, the best materials, and the best contractors.

I’m sure that is true for just about everyone. Today I spotted a great tub, absolutely unique, to me at least! It’s a work of art – worthy of a sculptor!

Picture yourself in this beautifully sculpted tub!

borodener.com has an amazing collection of inspiring bathtubs, lavs and sinks to consider for your bathroom remodel. They are as much works of art as they are practical plumbing fixtures.

Of course, if your tastes go more toward classic or traditional, that works too!  I like to see what is out there in the world of fixtures and then of course go for what fits both my tastes and my budget.

corner bathroom cabinets

Nice custom bath cabinets!


The following comments are excerpted from the website that the photos are borrowed from, borodener.com:

Bathroom cabinets store all your toiletries out of site. With the various different manufacturers around today you can have just what your bathroom needs. The general rule of thumb is to fit loads of bathroom storage if you have a big bathroom and if you have a small bathroom, don’t try to cram too many cabinets in! When remodeling the master bathroom, you might purchase a built-in vanity, cabinet and sink, with a separate medicine cabinet. 

So, be inspired and get going on your remodel. Don’t forget a good contractor!