It’s no secret that the population of people over 65 in the United States is increasing.

Most of them would like to remain in their home as long as possible – who wouldn’t? Living in your own home means freedom and dignity, the ability to make your own decisions, and the the continuation of friendships and community ties.

So, what to do if one sees the inevitable coming down the road? There is a lot one can do to maintain that independance!

Things to keep in mind when remodeling for the future, is considering how to move about the home and perform daily tasks if one has arthritis, vision problems, or mobility issues.

Our office manager’s mother had vertigo when she passed 80 years old; it made her feel dizzy all the time, affecting her balance. This required her to start using a cane, and then in time progress to a walker.

What this would mean for the bathroom is grab bars in the shower, and maybe in other locations in the bathroom.

When planning your remodel, ask your favorite contractor what he or she recommends, as a good contractor will have been trained in aging-in-place home design. (As our own DyLon McClary, Rose Constructions’ president, has).