Bellingham kitchen remodel with lazy susan and large drawers

1. Big drawers; these are great for holding bulky items like pots and pans and are easy to use, even if you have something in one hand that you can’t put down (like a hot pan?).

2. Pull out storage behind doors is another fantastic invention.

3. Pull out shelves on tracks make reaching to the back of a pantry so easy!

4. A big double sink; handy to have in any family kitchen. A big sink can handle almost any job, including bathing the baby. Not to mention it will holds lots of dishes.

5. Small swatches of bright color in the kitchen can elevate the mood and make your time there more enjoyable. Basic color can be neutral, but be sure to include fun colors through accessories like window treatments, chairs, stools, greenery and paint.

pull out drawers behind cabinet doors