Did you know that experts say that families who regularly eat dinner together (along with upbuilding conversations) are healthier, have children who do better in school, and expand the childrens’ vocabulary. Family ties are strengthened, and eating nutritious home cooked meals together tends to reduce eating disorders.

If you inadvertently might feel slightly guilty at not meeting this level of perfection . . . you are in good company. Statistics show that less than 50% of American families eat dinner together, currently. So . . . who has the time these days?

Having a well-organized kitchen will reduce the time required to prepare meals, as well as the clean up after. Here are some ideas to help reclaim the kitchen:

1. If you are not eating together regularly as a family right now, plan one meal a week for family night, to get started.

2. Plan the meal.

3. Celebrate good, natural food.

4. Cook together.

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