Studies are showing that more and more Americans are opting to eat at home instead of dining out. This means that the kitchen is taking on a more important role for the family.

Convenient locations for food prep ingredients such as spices, flours, meat and vegetables are a must. Appliances need to be located in easily accessed locations as well, and put out of sight when not in use. Countertop space becomes important for food prep, and even an additional sink for prepping comes in handy.

laminate kitchen counterMaterials that make clean up easy are desirable and convenient seating, such as countertops at kitchen islands, can make informal meals easier to set out and clean up.

The desire to eat more often at home is driven by the cost of eating out, as well as the growing trend to eat whole foods, where all of the ingredients are known to the cook!

Remodeling your kitchen to accommodate more home-cooked meals is a growing trend, and a great way to design your kitchen for convenience and home meals!