Just what is it that makes a master bath feel luxurious? Not the size – a small bath can be truly sumptuous!

A heated tile floor will feel positively sybaritic on a cold morning! And warm towels from your heated towel rack will add to the spa-like ambiance.

Custom built vanities will make a great addition to the efficiency of the room, with the added value of looking great. You do not have to have the traditional vanity that sits on the floor; for that extra mood, have your vanity built with legs. You will be able to see the tile floor under the vanity and it will appear “lighter”.

Granite or quartz countertops make a visual splash that will add to the ambiance, and careful selection of sink and faucet are sure to as well.

Check out our photo gallery of bath remodels and then give us a call! We can help you with upgrading that master bath.

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