What are the must-have features of the modern laundry room? No long used simply for washing clothes, the laundry room has been redefined as a multifunctional space designed with style and purpose.

At the top of the list is organization and storage. Inadequate storage is the number one reason homeowners seek a laundry room remodel. Organizational pull-outs, hidden garbage bins, hanging rods and cubbies are the most common features. Coupled with space-saving tricks like stacked machines and countertops that extend on top of front load washers and dryers, laundry rooms can be packed with options.

If this sounds a little bit like a description of the organization and storage needs of the kitchen, that would be correct. Homeowners have realized that organizing the laundry room similar to the way kitchens are designed will make this small space far more useful and efficient.

Make that room look great and work for you!