Many basements have at least got drywall up and some lighting, but oftentimes that’s about it. So they end up being a dungeon for rarely-used stuff, only you do actually use that stuff and would really like to be able to find it when you want it, without having to spend an entire day searching.

Not to mention, why should that space be lolly-gagging around, not performing any useful tasks, like, being a nice spare bedroom for your cousins who came to visit last summer and the kids had to double up so the visitors could have a bedroom? All the while that basement sat down there, mocking you.

You pay to heat it, it has the nice feature of being pretty cool on the hottest summer days. For too long it has sat there, lazily slouching around with junk piled haphazardly.

Give us a call, we can make that basement sit up and behave. Storage shelves, additional bathrooms, media center and game room, new lighting fixtures, maybe even a bar sink and a drinks refrigerator. There’s no end to what you can make of that space!


Bellingham basement remodel, after photo

Job 14015, after, guest bed