The faucet should be tall enough to fit everything you need it to! It’s aggravating to have to fill a small container and pour into the tall container. Make sure your faucet is tall enough for your usage.

Do you need a sprayer? Some faucets have a pull-out sprayer is very convenient, or if you prefer the old-school sprayer that has it’s own place next to the faucet, that works too.

How about the handle? Faucets can be found with a single lever or the more traditional two-lever style. There are even touch-less faucets, which are getting more common.

Good quality internal workings are important as well, as the faucet will work for many years maintenance free.

Only after considering all those options, then you get to select the finish and style! Oftentimes the finish is selected to match the appliances and cabinet hardware.

Sinks are typically about 33 inches wide by 22 inches deep, and come in single bowl or double bowl. Stainless steel is the most popular, although sinks come in many materials. Drop-in or undermount are options as well. Undermount avoids the issue of crumbs and grime getting around the sink rim.

So what do you visualize when dreaming of your perfect kitchen?