Mount Baker, snow, snowshoe, snow covered trees

Ah, winter! The time of year when it gets dark early and we spend more time indoors; we can no longer ignore those walls we should have had painted last summer, and that awful cracked tile in the kitchen.

Now is the time to get your favorite contractor out to do those myriad indoor repair and refurbish projects you didn’t think were important last summer when you were out bicycling around the county and hiking in the hills.

A new coat of paint can do wonders for any room in the house, and it’s great to have a professional do it; it gets done faster, you know it was done right, and you’re not the one doing it. Win-win.

And how about a grab bar or two in the shower? You’ll be glad you had it done the next time you or a guest has a small sliding incident in the shower. No big deal when you have that handy little grab bar there.

Grab bar, shower niche

Faucet replacements, light fixtures that need replacing, and well, you get the idea. There are many maintenance-type projects that, while not considered major remodeling, will make a huge difference in the comfort and satisfaction you have in your home.

no cracked tile in this kitchen