Let’s face it. You have likes and dislikes, preferences in your home color scheme, flooring material, etc. But what about Fido and Cat? Yuki, company mascot

I think my cat likes my house just because she can race me to the top of the stairs, and she does this by digging her claws into the carpeting on the stairs, then doing a sliding turn on the landing for the final stretch to the kitchen. The show-off!

What about your four legged buddies? When remodeling that kitchen, you might want to include a pull-out shelf low to the floor, where pet food can be located. And where to put that occasionally stinky kitty litter box, if you have one? Hmm . . . maybe a place in the basement, with it’s own exhaust fan would be nice.

Dogs usually require more specialty modifications than cats, due to some of them being so big . . . and cats being such great jumpers, they can go pretty much where they want to, whether you want them there or not.

What doggy-features have you longed for in your home? Fences are aCustom dog house with porchlways a great feature to keep one’s furry friends safe. Whatever it is, we can do that for you! We understand.