Those crazy people that make us turn our clocks back and forth; now it’s getting dark by 5:00 pm! Hmm . . .  no more outside activities in the evening. So you see the spiders in the corner up by the ceiling and those funny stringy web things they make that gather dust . . . and the crack in the tile in the bathroom. Things that you could easily ignore in the summer months now are getting to you!

That living room could use a good wall cleaning and fresh paint. Maybe a new color would liven things up a bit! New tile or even a complete make over for the bathroom will lift your spirits.

Houses age, and as time goes by they need some love, in the form of updated fixtures, fresh paint and new flooring. The winter months when we by necessity spend more time indoors (notwithstanding the Covid virus), we tend to notice these things.

When you feel the need to get some work done on your home, give us a call, we love to turn average homes into dream homes!