The answer would be pretty close to zero. Part of the reason is probably that laundry rooms are mostly an afterthought. Washers and dryers sandwiched into a closet off the kitchen, or in that chilly basement or unpainted garage.

Break out of the mold! Laundry rooms can have bright colors, or carefully selected subtle colors, but they can be made into pleasant rooms to get the job done. Just as bathrooms several generations ago used to be strictly practical rooms to get clean and take care of business, have now become mini-spas and a place to relax after work, laundry rooms can be pleasant rooms to get those clothes clean.

How about a TV in there? A stool to sit on while the washer finishes its last minute and a half spin cycle. A sink to pre-rinse especially grimy clothes; and a nice countertop to do the folding. Some cabinets to store away the soap and other essentials that are kept in laundry rooms.

Rose Construction Inc will be happy to help you turn that depressing dark laundry room into a cool place to hide away from the family while you get an essential task done!