Maybe nothing! But, if you have that uneasy feeling that something’s just not working for you, but it’s hard to put your finger on the culprit, it may be several things. Here are 5 things you can change to upgrade and improve efficiency in your kitchen:

  1. Have a kitchen island installed. To be useful, it should be more than just a cabinet with a cutting board on top. Adding a sink can be a big benefit; or a stove top; and some pet owners have had doggy feeding stations built into the island. There are many possibilities to make the island a great addition.
  2. Open up the kitchen to the dining area, and more. Make the kitchen part of the living space, not an isolated room where the cook toils! Creating an eating counter where the family can sit facing the cook makes for a comfortable, social kitchen.
  3. Cabinets can be refinished if they are of good quality, and if you like the current configuration. Slide-out inserts can be installed inside cabinets to make them more usable.
  4. If the cabinets are worn out or just not of good quality material, you might be better off having them torn out and custom cabinets built. Don’t forget to spend a little time researching quality pulls and knobs that fit your style and are comfortable to use.
  5. How is the flooring? Maybe it is time to replace it; you can change the color scheme and have a sturdy, easy to maintain flooring material installed.

Check out some photos of our work in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area; we have been improving kitchens and baths since 1985.