Double Sink Bathroom Remodel Bellingham

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and you may be shaking your head wondering what the last owner was thinking when they did “that” to the bathroom. No matter what needs fixing or replacing in your bathroom, be assured it can be turned into the bathroom of your dreams.

Sometimes, it’s true, the only thing that can be done is to gut the room down to the studs and start over, but that is OK! We have done plenty of rooms that way; sometimes due to old water damage.

If you are basically happy with your bathroom, but it just needs updating, then you are in an excellent position to change your style with all new fixtures and cabinets. Many of our clients are requesting a low threshold shower, or no threshold, to replace a bathtub. Bellingham frameless glass shower walls

Showers have surpassed tubs in popularity, and if the home has 2 bathrooms or more, you can’t lose with a large, spa-like shower replacing one of the tubs.

While you are having your bathroom remodeled, don’t forget to have a few grab bars installed. Everyone appreciates a little extra stability when the floor is wet.