New garage doors, entry doors.

Home owners want a home that is sustainable, energy efficient and user-friendly for people of all ages and abilities, so they can have a home that will last a lifetime.

When upgrading the outside, adding a deck increases value to the home, and increases the existing space by opening up new places to entertain and relax with family. With more people choosing to stay home for vacations, outdoor living spaces have become more desirable.

Adding eco-friendly siding or paint is a great way to improve the homes appearance. Fresh paint on the interior, in modern colors, can go a long way to updating the look and feel of any room. Low-VOC paint is more healthy for family.

Upgrading the bathroom should include low-gpm faucets and shower heads, and low-flow toilets. Your monthly budget will love it, and this hard-used room will look so much fresher with new fixtures.

Bath details, curved shower rod, faucet, towel holder

The kitchen could use efficient appliances, and replacing the countertop will make a big splash on appearance. While you’re having the countertop replaced, how about a new sink and faucet as well? Sinks get chips and dings, and like bathroom, this area is heavily used, causing wear and tear that need frequent upgrading.

Beautiful Bellingham kitchen remodel by Rose Construction