Rising awareness of water conservation and new laws that limit water consumption mean that some people are moving away from multiple-body sprays in showers and jetted tubs. Steam and sauna are excellent alternatives that use very small amounts of water. A 30 minute steam bath consumes less than two gallons and the only water required for a sauna is to sprinkle water on the heater stones.

After photo - Bath remodel featuring patterned tile flooring, glass shower surround, Bellingham

Luxurious tiled shower with frameless glass wall & door.

There is a trend towards water conservation in the home and in particular, the bathroom. A steam generator is a true water conserver as a typical unit for an average size shower will only use one gallon of water for every 20 minutes of use.

The use of tubs is declining and shower system water flows are being reduced due to water availability concerns. A steam shower is an environmentally friendly product for total relaxation and cleansing of the body without using more than a few gallons of water.

There you go; steam showers and saunas are the wave of the future. Not to mention, they really are just a great way to relax, without feeling that you are wasting a large amount of (possibly expensive) water!