Why remodel your bathroom? Over the last 30 years or so, bathrooms have become an increasingly focal point of design in the home. As a consequence, more careful design and planning goes into bathroom remodels and additions. Bathrooms are much larger in new homes as compared to the functional but tiny, bathrooms of many years ago.

Your bathroom can set the tone for your day or relax you as you wind down for the evening. Bathrooms can provide you with the ambiance, functionality and comfort you desire for yourself, your family and guests.

Bathrooms are more than just a functional space. A beautifully designed, comfortable and inviting bathroom provides everyone in your home with a positive experience. A well designed and well built bathroom will provide you with a luxurious and enjoyable space. In addition, studies have shown that bathroom additions and remodels provide a good return on investment.

With seemingly endless possible choices for layout, fixtures and materials, it is important to have a trusted partner in your bathroom design-build process. Rose Construction Inc. will work with you to stay on budget while realizing the quality and functionality you dream of for your new bathroom.

Tiled tub surround with curved shower rod.