A lot of Whatcom county residents tend to be into natural foods, outdoor exercise, and generally healthy eating. Of course we have plenty of gourmets, but healthy foods can be prepared and served as elegant fare as well.

So what types of kitchens does this result in? When clients come to us for remodels, what are they asking for? When it comes to kitchen design, the type of dream kitchen depends on whether the homeowner cooks elaborate meals for guests, or has a large family, or takes quick meals mostly from the microwave. Cooking habits vary tremendously, and so the style and size of each kitchen will vary.

If a lot of time is spent in the kitchen carefully preparing meals, the tendency is to want roomier kitchens with lots of well-designed storage and countertop space for food prep, and higher end appliances.

For those who just want to get the meal prepared as quickly as possible for the hungry hordes, a more efficient smaller kitchen will work, with design focused more on functionality.

However, every kitchen should be a pleasant work space, with sufficient light and good quality appliances. What this means for each family will vary! Think about how you use your kitchen when planning your remodel; make a list of how your family uses the kitchen, and features you would like that it lacks now.

Kitchen remodel with lots of counter space