After photo - Bath remodel with concrete countertop with double sinks, Bellingham

It’s exciting to contemplate a completely renovated kitchen or bath; but to get there, you want a smooth design and construction process that ┬ástays in budget! Here are some steps you can do to help make that happen.

  1. Make a list of the changes you want to your bathroom and/or kitchen.
  2. Research to define the scope of work and your budget for the entire project. You will need experienced, reputable contractors, and possibly architects, depending on the extent of your remodel.
  3. Get at least one bid; some recommend 3 bids, but if you find a contractor you communicate well with, and know to be honest and skilled, then getting additional bids is not needed. A problem occurs when contractors actually visualize the project differently, and so the bids are not truly on the exact same scope.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and go for it! Just be sure to check your budget, check references and licenses for your contractor and you will have a great remodel, resulting your dream home!

Beautiful Bellingham kitchen remodel by Rose Construction