When you start planning a master bath remodel, it is important to first gather ideas from as many sources as you can. If you want a cohesive design, then you must decide on the style you want to go with; modern, traditional or something totally “you”. Then create a consistent theme for the bathroom that will bring all of everything together. Tile can be used to artistically create designs  on your walls, making any bathroom more attractive.

Remember that simplicity can often impart a level of class and sophistication to a room that ostentatious flair cannot.

To remain within your budget as you are designing your new bathroom, always ask yourself what affect each decision will have on your budget.

When researching ideas through photos, look for pictures that are taken in homes that match the general layout and flow of your home. Do your homework checking prices on the fixtures and materials you like in the photos. You will be able to find less expensive alternatives, if the ones in the photos are out of your budget.

Think about the bathrooms in the photos and imagine that they are in your home. Would that layout work for you?  

If done right, bathroom remodels are very rewarding, and bring a great deal of enjoyment with everything sparkling new, color coordinated and installed by master crafts-persons! 


Master bath remodel in Bellingham, Washington