Custom kitchen cabinets installed for one of our Bellingham clients

It helps to organize cabinets by type and cost, so as to fit them into the kitchen remodel budget and layout. Since they are the major cost and visual impact of the kitchen, they can drive the remodel process for the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets can be organized into 4 distinct types, site-built, stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets.

Site-built are just what they sound like; built on-site by your contractor or carpenter. Site-built are usually linen cabinets and bathroom vanities, but can be done in the kitchen.

Stock cabinets are the lowest cost option; they are mass-produced in standard sizes and with a limited variety of styles. The local hardware store may have two or more grades of stock cabinets, one built from the lowest cost materials with vinyl simulated wood finish, and a higher grade built from better materials with real wood finish. They will not last as long as better quality cabinets, have fewer features, and will be available only in stock sizes.

Semi-custom cabinets will be available in several grades, ranging from good quality units with mid-range variety of options, up to high-quality models with a wide array of features and options.  Semi-custom cabinets usually allow you to select from more styles, materials and construction quality; wood type, color and options.

Custom cabinets designed for a unique kitchen, one of our Bellingham clients

Custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications, including the wood species, color, features and sizes. Quality will be excellent. The cabinets will take longer to receive, as they are built individually by one or more crafts-persons. This will be the most expensive option, possibly costing up to $50,000.

A set of cabinets for a typical kitchen can run $2,000 to $6,000 from kitchen remodel specialists and home-improvement centers and $10,000 to $25,000 at upscale design centers. Of course, there is installation costs after the purchase of the cabinets.