So, you are chomping at the bit, longing for a glamorous curbless shower, like the one at the spa you visited on your last vacation? But maybe you are a thoughtful person, and are wondering how they keep the water in the shower, if there is no curb? Here are some facts about curbless showers; it’s not mysterious at all:

If you like the look of curbless and no-glass, then it will help if the shower is a bit larger than average, to contain the “splash zone”. However, if your bathroom is not large enough to encompass that splash zone, there is another way. (Isn’t there always?)

A smaller bathroom with an unenclosed, curbless shower will require that the entire floor be pitched toward the shower drain. Done properly, such a bath floor will drain itself dry shortly after shower use. The slope will be slight enough that the water will sense it, but you may not!

Shower head location may need to be selected to facilitate keeping the water where you want it, that is, if you have an unenclosed shower.

However, you can have a curbless shower, and a partial glass wall, with careful location for the shower head, and still fit it in a typical sized bathroom.

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