The eternal question. Any home already built was designed to meet someone else’s needs, not yours, and over time may have developed some additional quirks and issues.

But it’s yours now, and in contemplating what improvements to make, you have some decisions to make. What is critical? Electrical systems need to be up to code, for safety. Plumbing needs to be in tip-top shape; i.e, no leaks! Roof solid, no leaks there either?

OK then. Kitchens and baths are the usual guilty parties when it comes to finding fault with our homes. Let’s get into the kitchen; you’ll want cupboards that look good, are solid, and have appropriate spaces for all your cooking utensils, dishware and glassware.

After - Master bath showing tiled shower walls with the same tile flowing around soaking tub. Glass walls on 2 sides of shower open up the room, Bellingham

How about the floors in the kitchen? Countertops, sink and faucets. Make a list of what needs repairing, what should be torn out and replaced, and decide if you want to have it all done at once, or work on it over several years. There are advantages to both methods; one gets it all done at once, but the other allows you  to save up for each phase of work pay for it in smaller increments.

Every home is different, and every family is unique. When you are ready, we are here for you, helping you turn that house into your dream home!

no cracked tile in this kitchen