Ah, tiled showers with frameless glass shower doors and no-curb entries: the perfect home spa. After all, the best bathrooms aren’t all about functionality, they’re also a sanctuary; a spa-like space where you can relax and wash off the cares of the day.

Bathtub with roman faucet and custom tile

Plumbing considerations will ultimately decide where you place the shower, toilet and tub. Yet you also need to think like a plumbing designer when making a bathroom floor plan. Review the space in person with your contractor, and imagine the tasks required each morning. What objects do you want to store in a vanity, and do you mind bending over to retrieve them? Things you use most frequently should be closest to hand.

Think about other functions you can include in the bath with a some thoughtful planning. Perhaps a seat in the shower, a steam room, or built in linen storage.

Selecting the right materials to contribute both style and functionality to the bathroom are important. Research will help you know what effect you want to achieve, and a good contractor can help you select the best materials for the desired purpose. Flooring, countertop materials and lighting fixtures all need to be selected for a high-moisture environment and the flooring for non-skid use.

Plumbing fixtures can bring dramatic effect to a bathroom; there is a wide range of styles and finishes to enhance your dream bath!

Bath remodel with 2 tiled shower walls, one clear glass and frameless glass door.