If your home sports a bathroom that is 60 square feet or less, then you know what I mean. Small can be beautiful, but it rarely is, unless someone has put a lot of thought and some red-design work into that tiny bath.

  1. Have light, bright colors on the walls and countertops. Small and dark is depressing. Small and bright is cheery!
  2. Make the most of the space available for storage. This means the vanity as well as shelving built into the wall. Yes, I mean “into”, not hung on the wall.
  3. Big mirrors make the space look larger as well. I’ve said it before, but don’t forget it. If a wall is really small, how about a wall-to-wall mirror? It can do wonders for the space.
  4. Have compact fixtures installed. Yes, they make toilets that don’t stick so far out into the room, and there are small lav sinks that will leave you a few more square inches on the countertop. Every square inch matters in small bathrooms!

There are more things you can do. Why not ask your favorite contractor for some suggestions?