So many homes have small bathrooms – either the main bath is small or there is a guest bath that just seems way too small. No matter who uses it, they can feel cramped and a little creeped out by a too small, dark bathroom.

Lets think about some ways to improve that space.

  • A compact shower can be installed (if it is a full bath) and using glass walls or a clear shower curtain with curved shower rod, it will not feel like it is overwhelming the room.
  • Light color schemes tend to reflect light and so provide a more spacious feel to the room
  • Proper locating of light fixtures and installing water-proof fixtures over the shower will brighten the room considerably. If these are not an option, sun tunnels add an amazing amount of natural light to a room, during daylight hours, of course!
  • Compact plumbing fixtures will leave you with more maneuvering space as well. It’s amazing how a few inches here and there make a big difference.
  • Some storage shelving can be built right into the walls, and this is already done with many medicine cabinets; they are often built into a wall, rather than installed on the surface. Storage without taking up space in the room; win-win!
  • As odd as it may sound, larger floor tiles make the room seem bigger, rather than a floor made of very small tiles.

Of course, what you decide to do will be constrained by your tastes, who in the family uses that bathroom, and the elephant in the room, the budget.

With all our years of experience, we can help you make deciBathroom Remodel with Storage

sions on what will work and fit within your budget. Give us a call when you are ready for that upgrade!