Great little shower with tile surround

Most homeowners would dearly love to fix old shower enclosures that have reached the point where cleaning is difficult and does not seem to get all the mold and mildew out. After all, bathrooms are damp places, even if you do remember to turn that exhaust fan on!

The doorless, walk-in look of modern showers appeals to many homeowners. Getting in and out of the shower can be safer without a door. It also means you can avoid endless scrubbing shower doors (my favorite). 

But! There always is something, isn’t there? Not having a shower door can create some maintenance problems. You don’t want to inundate the bathroom with spray from the shower. So what to do?

  • Use a half wall or a single glass partition wall in front of part of the shower enclosure, particularly the area where the shower head is. 
  • Use a rain-style shower head that will shoot water straight down, or use hand-held shower heads.
  • Design the drains carefully and slope the floor in the shower to the drain(s).
  • Choose waterproof materials for the bathroom, including walls near the shower. Have some great tile installed around the shower and where the walls might get wet from shower spray.

Some homeowners get rid of the tub and go with all showers; this can be a shortcoming when selling a home, but if you are not concerned about that future possibility, go for what makes you happy!


Beautifully designed tile shower in Bellingham