Buying a home often means buying someone else’s outdated bathroom. Since the bathroom is so often visited, you may decide to remodel. When exploring design ideas, remember to make the updated bath fit the style of the rest of the house. A good bathroom remodel is considered one of the best enhancements for the value of the home, and is sure to make your daily life more pleasurable.

So the basic elements of the bath make-over should suit the age and style of the house. If the house is an older home, such as 1920’s era or Victorian, it would be useful to review the styles of the time and find modern materials that fit in with the age of the original design.

Bathrooms should have a focal point; you can plan for this while designing the remodel. Since plumbing fixtures tend to dominate bathrooms, try to pick one of these as the focal point, such as a dramatic soaking tub or an artistically tiled shower.

Put plenty of thought into the bathroom lighting fixtures; you’ll want sufficient lighting, and existing bathrooms often have poor lighting. Consider task lighting in strategic locations, such as wall lights on the sides of vanity mirror.

What about space? If the room is just too small, consider taking space from a closet or another room next to the bath. It will be worth it in the long run!


Small bath, with beautiful countertops and faucet; includes vanity. Note the two types of light fixtures.