Beautiful wall mounted sink detail

Beautiful wall mounted sink detail

A very nice website I visited today has an excellent article on how to decide if your home needs remodeling now.¬† The article is titled “Does Your Bathroom Need an Overhaul?“. Of course the information applies to any room in the house.

“It may be that you’re so used to looking at your bathroom that you never really see it. In fact, you might be missing the little clues that are telling you it’s time for a complete makeover. Of course, if your toilet didn’t work you’d probably notice that, or if there was a large chunk missing from the floor tile or rust in the bathtub. But I’m willing to bet there are a lot of other details you’re missing that are signaling you that it’s time for an overhaul.”

The article then lists 3 things, which I will summarize here:

  • Look for small indications of wear, such as flaky grout, yellowing fixtures, and wallpaper coming loose around the edges.
  • What about the colors, the linoleum and fixtures¬†– are they outdated?
  • If you are planning on selling, you need to look around your house and decide what could use a little sprucing up for the prospective buyers.

“For extensive remodels you might want to consider hiring a bathroom contractor. You will find them to be worth their weight in gold.”

“Ask around and make sure you get a reliable contractor who will do the job right and listen to you!”

Small attic bath installation

Small attic bath