remodeled bellingham kitchen

Most discussions on this topic focus on recouping the costs of the remodel when you sell your home. What if you don’t plan to sell anytime within the next 10 years? Does that mean you have to live with your kitchen “as-is” until you come closer to that day you might sell?

Absolutely not! The reasons to upgrade your kitchen are endless. Maybe you’re ready to change your dated kitchen for one that works for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Functional innovations, such as undercounter refrigerators that allow children to serve themselves (without holding the big refrigerator door open and warming it’s contents) and barstools for kitchen islands, will enhance your kitchen’s usefulness.

Updating your kitchen layout by introducing a practical island for prepping, sitting or placing groceries can greatly improve the kitchen’s efficiency.

Perhaps you kitchen simply does not fit your families lifestyle; could you use a breakfast bar for informal dining; were the cabinets seem to have been laid out by someone who never used a kitchen? Custom cabinets designed to fit your cooking needs, will make your kitchen so much more useable.

Special kitchen pan drawers