Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kohler high-rise kitchen faucet

There is an incredible variety of kitchen faucets these days, and it can be daunting to decide which is the best for your kitchen. Especially if you want to buy a quality faucet that will last a long time with little or not maintenance and you plan on spending a significant amount; you want to be sure to get just the right design and quality.

Here are some basic style possibilities:

  • Single handle
  • Single handle with pulldown
  • Two handle
  • Two handle wall mount
  • Water filtration
  • Pot filler

That is just the beginning; there are more types under each of the main categories listed above!

First, are you replacing your countertop and/or sink? The basic faucet style is determined by the number of holes it requires and whether it is countertop mounted or wall mounted.

For most discerning homeowners, the kitchen faucet is selected to coordinate with the existing appliances and cabinets. Kitchen faucets can be everything from works of art or sculpture to those that appear to come out of an old farmhouse, including antique-styled water pump. Styles vary from contemporary, sleek designs to traditional.

Kohler old-fashioned style kitchen sink faucet
Kohler old-fashioned style kitchen sink faucet

The faucet handle can be the traditional two handle type, or the single lever type. The type of grip for two handle faucets may be blade-type, straight, curved, flared, cross-cut, or the old-fashioned wheel type. The spout for your kitchen sink may be only a bit higher than the body of the faucet. However, kitchen faucets are available with high neck, or gooseneck design that feature dramatic height of sometimes more than 10 inches.

Integrated sprays that pull down or pull out are also available, and are the best solution for tasks like rinsing or filling large pots and washing vegetables. A traditional side spray is mounted beside the faucet on the countertop or sink, requiring an additional hole.

A pulldown or pullout spray is made into the faucet spout and delivers a high volume of water when sprayed. The pulldown or pullout spray may be attached to a hose that is can be as long as 54 inches. They will use a spring-loaded mechanism that allows it to recoil when not in use.

Water filtering faucets save money over the cost of buying bottled water.

The guts: A high quality (usually more expensive) faucet will have durable valves that will last a long time with little or no maintenance. Though price is usually a pretty good measure of quality, it isn’t necessarily the best measure. With a good valve, water temperature shouldn’t change abruptly as you adjust from cold to hot. In addition, to prevent burns, a scald-guard or temperature-limit feature is offered by several makers for single-control faucets.

Warranties vary. The best ones offer lifetime protection against leaks and drips, ensuring that your faucet will provide years of trouble-free service.