You deserve a nice, stylish place to relax after a long day at work. Why not surround yourself with things you really want?

  1. Good lighting – this will include just the right type of light for putting on make up (or shaving), and a more subdued lighting for that relaxing after work shower or tub soak.
  2. A mirror that fits the way you use it! And just maybe another, just because.
  3. Warm, fluffy towels, hot off the towel warmer – hmmm . . . nice.
  4. Stylish bath lav with easy to use faucet handles – maybe a single handle faucet. Your countertop made of granite or quartz (which by the way, are the most popular) or even marble. Hey, its a small countertop, you can splurge!
  5. Heated tile floor – oh, that will feel so good on cold mornings!
  6. Don’t forget to add a grab bar or two. They double as towel holders, or lots of other things – check out the options on the web.

heated towel bars