Well-organized storage! Where is the potato peeler? The muffin tin? The blender?  OK, here are some ideas – be sure you tell your remodeling contractor about them:

  • A special drawer for the aluminum foil, plastic wrap and wax paper.
  • An easy-to-find location for the rolling pin.
  • A pull-out cutting board.
  • A mixer garage; the door lifts up, the shelf pulls forward. Let’s face it, those mixers are heavy, and who wants to look at it sitting on the counter every day?
  • Mobile butcher block island sound good? Readily rolls under the counter, pulls out easily when you need the butcher block top to chop large items.
  • A foldable step stool; put an ultra-thin model in a drawer that slides into the toe kick. Nice.
  • If you are a dog lover, how about a built-in feeding station. Off the floor, with bowls that won’t tip or spill or cause you to trip over them.

What specialties would you like to include in your next kitchen remodel?


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