Tiled 5' shower with 2 recessed areas for soap & shampoo

You just got a call to bring your loved one home from an assisted living facility. You panic, knowing they cannot get around your home as it is. What to do?

We get calls like this fairly often; DyLon McClary, the owner of Rose Construction Inc., is trained in determining what needs to be done to make a home livable for a mobility impaired person. Everyone does not have the same limitations. Some can be accommodated with only a few minor changes; others require more extensive modifications to their home.

The most practical worry is, how accessible is the bathroom? Remodeling the bathroom can be as simple as installing some grab bars (which is not a simple task; they have to be attached to a sturdy support, behind the walls), or a more extensive change such as removing a tub and installing a curbless shower.

If the family member will be using a wheelchair, a ramp will be needed to access the entry. Modifications to doorways, halls and the kitchen may be necessary as well, for a wheelchair.

There are many options for modifying a home for a mobility impaired person. DyLon is trained and certified through the National Association of Home Builders Aging in Place program to assist you in deciding what changes are needed and how to implement them in your home.

CAP's certification from NAHB