Solid surface countertops and custom cabinets!

The kitchen and bathroom, of course! Naylor’s Kitchen and Bath points out that “Kitchens continue to maintain their long-standing status as one of the two most frequently remodeled rooms in the house; the other is  . . .  the bathroom.  They are known as “the rooms that sell the house”.  tch

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a great article on “Selecting and Designing a Home Remodeling Project. The first two rooms they discuss are the kitchen and the bathroom, of course. I’ll give you a teaser to encourage you to go and read the rest of the article:

No resource on home remodeling would be complete without a discussion of the most talked about room in the house–your kitchen. You may want to replace aging cabinetry, modernize appliances, update the style of your kitchen, or improve the floor plan for better flow. Today’s home remodelers are experts in creating efficient kitchen layouts.”
Following a remodel, home owners can enjoy a spacious and more lavish bathroom. Possible bathroom elements include modern cabinets, multiple vanities, and differently shaped showers.”
They review all the rooms in the house, so reading the article is very beneficial. NAHB is dedicated to educating the public and contractors on good business practises and how to ensure your remodel project is done well.

Cute little custom attic bath