Are you frustrated because there’s not enough room in your house? Do you glare enviously at your car which sits unaware in it’s protected space?

You are not alone. We have remodeled client’s garages, turning them into family rooms, bedrooms and an incorporating a bathroom; sometimes even adding a second floor above the garage.

What could you use that square footage for? Studio, home office, master bedroom, a bedroom to separate two squabbling siblings, a game room? Or maybe you would just like to refinish that ugly stained concrete floor and build in some nice looking storage. The list is endless!

Give us a call, we can do that for you!

garage made into show room!

Storage cabinets along walls and sealed, colored and textured floor

Repurposed garage for family room.

Repurposed garage for family room.


Custom garage doors, designed to match the style of the home’s windows.