If you like the look of something different, then you may be on the front of the trend to oil-rubbed bronze and yes, even black kitchen faucets. Why are so many faucets chrome? Well, they just are; but now you don’t have to have a shiny chrome faucet installed in your new kitchen, you can express your inner designer with the new colors!

California Faucets Kitchen collection comes in an array (not just one!) of black finishes; Mate Black; Carbon, a unique take on matte black with more depth of color; and Black Nickel, a finish that blends the gleam of nickel with shades of black.

These sound like great alternatives to the standard chrome and stainless steel. Makes you want to go ahead with that kitchen remodel, doesn’t it? You can get dark tones for refrigerators, dishwashers and sinks, as well, to keep the style consistent throughout the kitchen.