Bathrooms need consistent upgrading, due to the damage that excessive moisture will cause. Mold, possible rot in the floor due to water getting through cracks in the tile . . . you don’t always know exactly what is happening under the floor.

We all want our bathrooms to be sanitary, and to look pristine as well. Hopefully, with a minimal requirement of maintenance. shower tile, niche

So when you decide you can’t wait any longer, have your bath remodel done by a reputable contractor that you can trust to do a good job and warranty it.

Light color tile is popular for shower areas, and the floor. Be sure the grout is water tight and well sealed. Have some safety items included, like those grab bars, and a bench seat in the shower. Manufacturers know that modern homeowners are looking for stylish, matching fixtures, so you will have no problem finding a suite of toilet paper holders, faucets, grab bars, etc, that all are of the same finish and style.

We love to help our Bellingham and Whatcom County homeowners update their homes! Give us a call when you are ready.