Not at all! Of course your bathroom has to have the square footage to accommodate both, and if it does, then you can certainly have the best of both worlds. (Of course, you can always have the room expanded, or even have it built on!)

Showers are used most frequently, as they do not require waiting for a tub to fill, and with the right combination of shower heads you can have an exquisitely satisfying shower.

But for those days when you really need to immerse yourself in hot water and have a long soak, there is nothing like the ubiquitous bath tub. If you do love those relaxing hours in the tub, why not get a free standing, stylish tub that will not just “do the job”, but do it in style? It will make you smile every time you walk into the master bath!Free standing tub with Kohler Symbol Roman tub filler and handshower; tile continued from shower around tub.