So, picture this: You are in a rush to get out the door to work, and can’t find the shoes that go with your outfit. Wasting precious time, you dig through the overstuffed closet ¬†. . . and finally, viola! Then you walk out the door, a bit irritated and feeling rushed.

How would this go if you had a well designed walk-in closet with just the right kind of storage you need? Much more smoothly, no doubt.

More and more clients are looking for walk-in closets. Seeing your clothes, shoes and scarves  displayed in front of you within easy reach, streamlines your morning and evening routines and helps keep you and your outfits beautifully organized and coordinated.

It’s not only bedrooms that need well-laid out storage; the bathroom is another high-use space with lots of items that are used every day; and wouldn’t it be nice if you could lay your hands on those things when you need them?

Shower gel, shavers, towels, toothbrushes, bottles and bath bubbles all have a place in the bathroom but we don’t really want to see them lying around. If left sitting out on a shelf or countertop, they make the bath look cluttered; definitely not the spa-like look you were going for.

Custom designed, built-in closets will make you love your bathroom again!

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