And what would that be? The faucet and sink, of course! While we want our sinks and faucets to be stylish, what everyone really wants is the most is functionality we can get. Low maintenanKitchen sink, single hangle faucet, undermount sinkce is great too!

So what does functionality really mean in a faucet and sink combination? A functional faucet is one that provides water at the touch, without any leakage; if designed to rotate, the faucet should swivel on it’s base easily.

Touchless faucets are an option, and one-handle faucets are popular for obvious reasons. If you have a pan in one hand, you can still operate the faucet and get the right temperature without putting the pan down.

A functional sink means that it is the right size and has the best number of compartments for the way you use your sink. Do you prefer a large one-compartment sink, or are you a traditionalist comfortable with two identical compartments?  There are more options, such as one smaller bowl paired with a large bowl.Stainless steel 2 compartment kitchen sink

There are more options
available; this is by no means a complete overview! Google your favorite faucets and sink combinations and learn all you can about their reliability and how they worked for previous purchasers. Then give us a call, and we can install that for you!